June 27th

It is hard to believe that this is only my third day in London. I feel exhausted, excited, overwhelmed, and comfortable all at the same time. After arriving and dropping off our suitcases  we all went on a bus tour of London. It had not hit me until this point that I had actually traveled to the United Kingdom. The amazing sights broke through my jet lagged fog. I still cannot believe how many beautiful monuments, towers, parks, and buildings are in this city. Even the everyday buildings that our tour guide was not pointing out are magnificent. So far my favorite sight has been Big Ben. I had seen pictures but being so close to such a well-known, beautiful tower was and is amazing. The breathtaking image of the clouds surrounding the top of the clock tower as sunlight bounced off of the gold embellishments is ingrained in my mind. The tour was a great way to identify the sights that I want to revisit during my time here.

Yesterday I spent a great day on my own. After class, in which we made our first trip to The National Theatre, I headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was founded in 1852 and was named The Victoria and Albert Museum in 1899 to commemorate the support of Prince Albert (Charles Flagon). I was expecting a smaller, more specific museum. I was mistaking. It is easily the largest museum that I have ever been in. Instead of taking a tour I just took a map and headed on the way. I plan to return because I did not see nearly enough in the time that I had. So far my favorite parts of the museum are the fashion section (particularly fashions from the 16th century to the 1900’s) and the rooms dedicated to specifically British Renaissance artifacts. That being said, I have saved the Theatre and Performance exhibit for my next visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which will be very soon.

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